Video Production Services


transitive verb \in-ˈvi-zij, en-\: to picture (something) in your mind

Full Definition of ENVISAGE
1:  to view or regard in a certain way 
2:  to have a mental picture of especially in advance of realization
Envisage_Productions-bc(with type)psdLocated in Eugene, Oregon, Envisage Productions has the skills and experience to help you film your special event, document your projects or promote your business through video.  We produce on a small scale and work with your budget.  We are friendly and reliable and specialize in intimate and personal storytelling including births, weddings, legacy videos.  Envisage Productions can help in all aspects of video productions including planning and development, production and editing.   We are also available for consultation and basic training in producing your own video.


Artistic or musical production: concerts and stage performances, festivals, solo performances

Marketing for non profits and small businesses

videos for kickstarter, indiegogo  and other funding campaigns

Sports Events and talent videos

Event / Special occasion:  Weddings, Births, Parties

Advertising or promotional: websites, informational videos

Personal: life stories, legacy videos, ethical wills


we work in Final Cut x or Premiere to edit your footage to make a beautiful film or video.


we can help you plan and develop a video that works for you.  If you are interested in creating your own video we can provide the training necessary to make a small video and use it for youtube, indiegogo, kickstarter or something for your friends and family.  we can also develop a class for your organization or classroom to teach the basic skills necessary to produce a video.

we can travel!


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