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      • en·vis·age

        transitive verb \in-ˈvi-zij, en-\: to picture (something) in your mind

        Full Definition of ENVISAGE
        1:  to view or regard in a certain way 
        2:  to have a mental picture of especially in advance of realization

IMG_1753Rachelle Sarfati

brings a unique combination of talent to any film production. Sarfati began her career in film making as an intern with a documentary film company in New York City and has since worked on a number of video productions, several short films and a behind the scenes for a feature film. She earned a Master of Arts degree in International Studies at the University of Oregon and a Fulbright Scholarship to Bangladesh. Her graduate studies, travels throughout Asia and Mexico, and contact with diverse populations provide her with insight and an aptitude for research, program development and cross-cultural communication. After two decades of professional photography, video and technical experience and three years Lane Community College as a student of the Multi-Media Program Sarfati has advanced  knowledge of film making and editing.

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